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Promotional Contests

IFS offers a mobile game platform designed to run promotional sports contests on behalf of your company.

How it Works

Our fantasy sports games are simple enough for the casual sports fan yet deliver the authenticity required to engage even the most seasoned fantasy sports players.

Contests are designed to run for limited durations (daily, weekly, per event), meaning no season-long team management. Users are free to join contests at any time throughout the sports season. IFS supports all major sports including NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, NASCAR, World Cup and NCAA Basketball tournament.

Local Marketing, Global Reach

Once a customer registers for a game, your brand presence will extend far beyond the local establishment. Through social media sites, customers will broadcast their participation in the games to their network - reinforcing your brand position across the social web of your core audience.

360° marketing for your brand with in-venue, in-game and social media advertising.

Each week customers receive emails with the final scoring results, reminders to set their lineups for the next week, and prize redemption notifications. This ongoing communication will keep your brand top-of-mind each and every week throughout the sports season.

The Results

As participation grows, so do the results. Consistent customer engagement throughout a sports season creates a bond, a sense of community, and a loyal following. Weekly prize redemption and in-house specials will bring customers back week after week, increasing sales for both the sponsor and the establishment.

The ability for players to share their participation through social media sites, along with retargeting email campaigns, will create organic growth that extends far beyond the local establishment. It truly is a win - win scenario


  • Connect with your audience
  • In-game advertising
  • Build a user base for retargeting
  • 360° Marketing
  • No season long commitment
  • Free to play

We had a great response from our customers, they came back and played week after week.

— Rama N.
Manager, Carpool
Herndon, VA


  • User Registration
  • Draft Style Options
  • Real-time Player Lists
  • Live Scoring
  • Live Leaderboard
  • Social Broadcasting
  • Auto Email Alerts
  • Prize Notification
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